Virtue aims to provide opportunities for all! Our members will progress to reach their highest individual standard, in a fun safe, protective environment. Our mission is to increase all round strength, co ordination, agility, balance and fitness whilst enjoying every second. We believe every one can achieve, which in turn fosters confidence, self-discipline and motivation. We believe in movement for all!





After months of trying to find a suitable SEN gymnastics centre for my son I could not have been more impressed with Virtue! No only do they offer a superbly well equipped and clean environment, their staff genuinely understand neurodiverse children and went to such effort to interact with my son which was really heart-warming. So many places claim they run SEN sessions - but if you want a real SEN Session look no further than Kara and her amazing team!! Thank you Virtue - we will be back!!
Jade Evers | google-logo
The coaches, especially Nathan and Matt deserve 100 stars. Admin/"executive team" support review will follow...
Karen Cripps | google-logo
My Daughter loves it here. Instructors do a great job and have really helped her confidence.
Barry Mayes | google-logo
I cannot recommend Virtue Gymnastics highly enough. The team have always been excellent with their communication, extremely friendly and approachable and my daughter has loved every single second of her classes. Their adaptability and communication throughout the pandemic has been outstanding. At a time when our children have been going through so much turmoil and missing out on many opportunities, the chance for them to have some kind of normality by attending gym class (in person or via Zoom) has been absolutely vital. The coaches always make the sessions fun and engaging and my daughter is making great progress. Thank you Virtue Gymnastics
Sam Coates | google-logo
My daughter has been attending Virtue since she was 3 and will be 7 next week. She absolutely loves every session. All of the coaches are amazing and they have all built up good relationships with all of the children. Virtue have been great this last year during lockdown and adapting to online classes, working on confidence within themselves as well as key skills. They have provided baking sessions, mini competitions, games sessions and lots of fun during these difficult times.
Joanna Fuller | google-logo